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Charlie Sexton

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InteleTravel has the the friendliest, most knowledgeable folks in the industry! They provide a number of tools that make you a better advisor.”

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Charlie became an InteleTravel advisor 7 years ago after hearing about it on a cruise from a fellow passenger. This self-proclaimed travel lover thought it would be a great idea to give InteleTravel a try so he could travel more and for less money. Since becoming an advisor, he takes 3 or 4 cruises a year and has travelled to Australia, Japan, China, among other spectacular places around the world.

Not only does Charlie book trips for himself multiple times a year, but he helps his family and friends plan their trips as well. He explains that “helping family and friends to get it right” is the best part of being an InteleTravel advisor. He loves providing them with guidance in order to make sure that everything on their trip goes smoothly. Now, his loved ones are not stuck trying to plan a trip on their own without any advice or support. They can hear about all the places Charlie has been to over the years and ask questions if they are unsure about anything while getting ready for their trip, which is the reason he thinks that it is better to work with an advisor rather than any other travel alternatives.

As Charlie points out, he became an exceptional advisor at InteleTravel because he took advantage of their educational opportunities. He explains, “They provide a number of tools that make you a better advisor.” So, not only has Charlie been able to travel more frequently, but he has also been able to learn as much as he can about booking travel in order to help his family and friends when they want to plan a trip.