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Mandy Goddard

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InteleTravel is an opportunity to take one’s travel passion above and beyond anything ever anticipated!”

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Mandy is not only an InteleTravel advisor, but a certified PK-12 principal and former math teacher for grades 6-12 and junior college. Not to mention a travel enthusiast, along with her husband and children, which is one of the reasons she became a part of Inteletravel: “We love to travel, I am always answering questions from friends, and if I am honest with myself, I may actually be a tad bit addicted to travel!” She heard about InteleTravel after going on her first transatlantic cruise. To her, InteleTravel is “an opportunity to take one’s travel passion above and beyond anything ever anticipated!”

Mandy and her family have been able to travel frequently since becoming an InteleTravel advisor, now known as advisor, 3 years ago. From swimming in the Blue Lagoon of Iceland to seeing the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica to zip-lining and cave-tubing in Belize to watching her children try the trapeze in Punta Cana, she has been to so many incredible places. Mandy was even able to visit England and see her grandmother’s childhood home. And that does not even cover half of her adventures, which also includes a Baltic cruise and a Mediterranean cruise.

Although becoming a part time advisor started as a great travelling resource for herself, her family and friends, Mandy is now booking travel for people all over the United States, helping them create lasting memories. She cites social media, personal experience and customer service as major contributing factors for her growing business, “Whether it is working with a Special Events coordinator of a cruise line for a large group I have or a random question for a different vendor, I treat each and every person as a Customer with the same Customer service one would expect.” Plus, she tries to attend InteleTravel webinars as well as online training opportunities provided by preferred vendors. And not only is she an accomplished advisor, but she is also becoming a CLIA Master Cruise Counsellor.

The only downside to being an advisor is researching all the cool places her clients want to travel to and then trying to convince her husband to go on another trip!